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ETI Offshore is the ideal business partner who provides an essential link between the well and the pipeline in the oil & gas industry by developing innovative and cost competitive turnkey solutions.

We are committed to deliver reliable and long-lasting offshore equipment with a special focus on innovation and customer satisfaction worldwide.

Our company is a team of engineering, construction, design, project management and procurement professionals brought together to deliver high-quality products tailored to the client’s need. Our track records show no delay in delivery time, no failure and high customer satisfaction.

Our Products
Swivels & Swivel stacks

We manufacture the key element of the Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels (FPSO) in the sea – swivels: production swivel, water injection swivel, oil export swivel, utility swivel, gas swivel, electric swivel and signal swivel. Our swivels are reliable and efficient for exploitation and transfer of fluids and communications.


We have the knowledge and the experience in manufacturing CPU (central pipe units) for various projects adapted to the type of offshore environment and the features of the offloading buoy. Our CPUs are modular and are easy in installation and maintenance.

Subsea equipment

Our Umbilical, junction Boxes & Connection Systems cover a range of applications across varying pressure, temperature and water depth requirements. Our technologies are designed to provide reliability, flexibility and quality, while addressing the complexities of the subsea environment.