As an engineering company ETI Offshore has a particular focus on health, safety, and security of its employees. Special emphasis is placed on ensuring human health, operational safety, environment protection and quality improvement.

A 10-year zero-incident record proves our commitment. The company complies with all regulations and laws mandatory in France and applies relevant procedures, rules and instructions articulated in Security Manual and other company documents. The following measures are taken to maintain the Policy enforced and up to date:

  • Reviewing Policy documentation
  • Delivering the necessary information, instruction, and supervision to all employees
  • Monitoring risks and assuring necessary mitigation measures
  • Providing the staff with appropriate well-maintained tools and equipment
  • Obliging all visitors to comply with HSS rules and wearing protective equipment on site
  • Ensuring that all established safety policies are administered and enforced in all areas.

ETI Offshore constantly aims at reducing its environmental impact through saving energy, recycling waste and reducing resource consumption.

ETI pays particular attention at Quality management, ensuring smoothly running internal processes and guaranteeing long-term client satisfaction. The company successfully obtained ISO 9001 Certification in 2008.