Our mission and values

ETI Offshore is committed to deliver reliable and long-lasting offshore equipment with a special focus on innovation and customer satisfaction worldwide.

The company seeks to establish long-term relationships with its customers, partners and employees based on mutual trust and responsibility.

The values underlying continuous growth and improvement of ETI Offshore as a successful company are:

  • Pursuit of excellence – we set challenging objectives and work hard to reach them
  • Openness – we appreciate new ideas and encourage new practices
  • Integrity – we hold our promises and treat our customers, partners and employees in terms of equality, diversity and loyalty.


ETI Offshore is a French engineering company specializing in design and construction of fluid transfer systems in the offshore industry. Its key personnel first worked at Hydro Mécaniques Industries (HMI, established in 1978), and then founded ETI Offshore in 2006. Together they have delivered worldwide so far:

  • More than 50 Swivels from High Pressure Swivel to Production Swivel including the Electrical and the Optical Swivels
  • More than 25 Central Pipe Units (CALM Buoy Swivel)
  • All kinds of hydraulic and electrical material and components for Swivel, Turret and Subsea Systems.

The company is a team of engineering, construction, design, project management and procurement professionals brought together to deliver high-quality products tailored to the client’s need. Our track records show no delay in delivery time, no failure and high customer satisfaction.

The company is located in South East of France:

  • Gemenos: Headquarters + Engineering
  • Aubagne: Assembly Workshop
  • Marseille Commercial Port: Development Centre.

We also have a commercial representation in Singapore.

ETI has received the support of major players from the O&G Offshore industry (such as BW Offshore) who believe in ETI innovation & development capabilities. The majority of the shares are held by the Chairman and by the CEO, with the remainder of the shareholding belonging to private investors.

Project Financing:

  • ETI has the ability to finance projects of an amount in the range of 10-20 million euros
  • Finance partners for international activities: COFACE, credit export facility, ETI long term partner banks.







30 Avenue du Château de Jouques,

Les Espaces de la Sainte-Baume Lot A28/29

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